Community Guidelines

picBattle is a fun new way to ask questions to your friends, express yourself and make your life simpler. In addition to the TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY that you agreed to when you start using picBattle, all users must abide by the following Community Guidelines to keep picBattle safe, fun and respectful of our many users.

Be fair

Don't use Images you don't own the copyright or license to use. According to the law and Apple guidelines. No pornography, no violence, no copyrighted images. No exceptions.

Be creative

People like great picBattles, so create your battles and don't copy other's. Get inspired but remember to add a personal touch. Use your imagination!

Be nice

Sending too much battles to a person can be annoying, be sure your friends welcome your battles. Maintain a polite behavior and respect other's opinions.

Have Fun!

The goal of picBattle is to let you have fun. Keep that in mind when you create your awesome battles.

If you discover any content that does not follow these guidelines, please report it to us! Any user who fails to comply with this Community Guidelines or Terms of Service may be permanently banned from picBattle and have their account disabled.